Ordering woolly hats

This is how it works:

Hats are made to order and every woolly beanie is unique. If there is a specific kind of hat you would like to get but isn't listed in the examples below, feel free to shoot a message and ask if it would be possible to make one for you as a custom order. Also, if you have any other question, please e-mail me. 
1. Send an email to myytillinen (a) gmail.com

2. For the hats please state the hat size of the person using the hat (in centimeters or inches) and age (this is especially important if the hat is for a child).

3. For yarn you can choose between wool and acrylic yarn. For wool I use "baby yarn" that is specifically made to be as little itchy as possible. 

4. Please state the country where you live in so we can estimate the shipping cost for the hats.

5. Orders are paid upfront through PayPal with a link that is provided to you with the cost estimate. A single hat such as the minion hats below are about 20 euros and custom hats are about 25 euros plus shipping.

6. I will confirm the specifics of the hat with you and will start working on the hats immediately once they are paid and payment is visible on PayPal. It takes normally 4-7 days to complete a hat, but usually less. Once the hat is ready you will receive a picture of the completed work before it is shipped in case you want some changes to it or other input. The hats are shipped from Finland so it will take from few days to couple weeks for the hats to arrive through mail.
Example message:

Sender: belsnumberoneviewer (a) gmail.com
Recipient: myytillinen (a) gmail.com

I loved your woolly fox hat and would like order one for my niece. She is now 7 months old but the hat could be a bit bigger so that it has some room for growth. For yarn please use wool and I want the hat with ear flaps. I live in USA. How much would a hat like this cost? 
kind regards,
Bels Numberoneviewer
Best Street 1A
Best-city Best-state <postal code>

Examples of the beanies:

Here are all the different Minion hats: With or without ear flaps, one and two eyed, with different hairstyles and also example of a girly version. 
And here are some other beanies: Owl (body can also be done with two colors, for example pink on the top and black on the bottom), 1Up mushroom from Mario games, Totoro and a cute fox. All of these can be made with or without ear flaps and in colors you want.

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